Episode 9

Published on:

25th Feb 2020

Meditation 101 with Ali Katz

Ali Katz is passionate about sharing her love of meditation and mindfulness with her clients in a relatable and authentic way. After Ali embarked on her journey and began meditating in 2012, she noticed she had lower levels of stress, less anxiety, more patience, better sleep, was making better decisions, and was more present in all areas of her life.

In short, I'll have what she's having.

(Checkout www.alikatz.com for more on Ali and her books/services)

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The Party On Podcast
Creating JOY, with or without the party
Let’s face it, life isn’t always the party we thought it would be. So how to we find the JOY when we need it? And what if it’s up to us to create it? That’s where the party on podcast comes in. Our goal? To shine the proverbial disco light on the things that can make our lives easier, healthier, and a heck of a lot more FUN. So we can ENJOY the party we were all invited to, live our best lives, and dance like no one is watching.

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Alli Aars

Alli is shop owner, content maker, Influencer, and CEO of The Festive Farmhouse. But honestly, none of those hats qualify her to host a podcast on JOY. Those qualifications come from life's ups and downs, a good solid therapist, and a God-given desire to spread FUN wherever she goes. She also loves laughing and donuts (in that order).